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GamatOnline.com presents::
GAMOGEN. A health supliment from HEALIN ~ Gamat based product #1 choice in Malaysia! Scientific research & health formulation from the coastal water of Langkawi
'Cure' to chronic diseases.
To many people, cancer is an unexpected serious fatal disease and death sentence. Unfortunately, many of us have negleted diabetes, depression, muscle fatigue arthritis, weak immunity and decreasing stamina level are associated with aging process.

More than 40% of populations worldwide are on the risk of developing chronic diseases due to aging process.

GAMOGEN are the most effective and ideal health supplemet to heal and fight against aging.

GAMOGEN is all natural formula that works wonders in reversing your ageing cell in your body. GAMOGEN has been clinically proven to increase your body's immune system, increase your blood circulation, promote vitality, skin appearance and the general well being.

This unique and complete formula helps maximize body's ability to rejuvenate (replacing and getting rid of old and toxic cells in your body and reprocuctive system). It contains Gamodulin, a polypeptide molecule that plays a vital role in rejuvenating body cells and promote healing and vitality.

An amazing ideal supplement fortified with precise amount of chlorella, omega 3 & 6, beta carotena, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, amino acids and energizing nutrients that effectively fight ageingand cancer, relieve stress, boost immune system, increase your heart and lung performance and combat fatigue.

  • Are you a normal individuals who care about long-term health and vitality?
  • Are you easily get tired?
  • Is your hair getting thinner?
  • Is your skin getting thinner and dry?
  • Is your menstruation becoming more irregular?
  • Do you find difficulty losing weight?
  • Is your body aching and joint hurt whenever you run or work?
  • Is your energy down, recovery time from colds and flu became extended?
  • Suffering from injuries and other inflammotary diseases, which include hemmorrhoid, or rheumatoid arthritis ?
  • Suffering from gastrointestinal and digestive tract disorder such as indigestion and ulcer?
  • Always susceptible to infections ?
  • Suffering from diabetis, hypertension and elevated blood cholestrol
  • Women suffering from infertility and a history of miscarriages?
  • Do you feel that you don't have that good feeling and endurance you once had?
  • Are your blood pressure or sugar level showed tendency to increase?

If you have one or most of the above sympstoms, it is simply means that your body is undergoing the inevitable process of ageing


Nature's Gift Of Rejuvenation

Why GAMOGEN is so unique? It is the most precious nutrient from nature. Help to accelerate and enhance the healing process of internal and external wound, reduce cholesterol level, blood glucose and lethargy. bring down blood pressure, fatigue and delay ageing. It helps ti stimulate rejuvenation of body cells naturally.

The Miracle Nutrient of GAMOGEN

Finally after 15 years of research, our scientist made a breakthrough discovery whent they discoverd the potent ability of gamodulin, a substance scientifically derived from gamat to heal wounds and rejuvenate body cells, hence is probably the most potent atiaging substance known today.

The secret of GAMOGEN lies not on the way it is formulated but on the method gamodulin is selectively blended with omega-3, omega-6, vitamin E, vitamin B-kompleks, chlorella & full dose of beta-karotena as recommend by American Academy of Anti-aging to fight aging, cancer and to boost the immune system.

After 2 years and over 1000 experiments carried out, we believe GAMOGEN is probably the most ideal health supplement of today.



  • joint nerves and muscle pain

  • alleviate inflammation

  • ease swelling

  • relieve asthma symptom

  • prevent blood clot (heart disease, stroke)

  • reduce risk of developing diabetis

  • bronchiolitis

  • reduce hearbeat

  • accelerate internal and external wound healing (gastritis)
  • provide energy
  • burn fat adn glucose
  • dilate or relax clogged blodd vessels
  • helps in infertility
  • lower blood pressure
  • improve blood circulation
  • relieves anxiety and reduce tension



Wound Healing

For hundred of years, gamat has been used by coastal villagers as a traditional remedy for cuts and post-natal recovery .

Laboratory investigations indicates that when purified gamat extract is taken orally at a dose of 10mg/kg, it exhibited remarkable healing effects as comapred to providone-iodine and other antiseptics commonly used for this purpose.

Picture shows hemorrhage caused by serious gastointestinal ulcer. The wound was completely healed within 2 weeks after consuming GAMOGEN.


This young woman was badly injured in an accident when glass splinters from the windscreen pierced into her face. Her wounds completely healed within 14 days after consuming GAMOGEN.



The pictures show a diabetic patient who was about to have his toes amputaed due to complication of diabetic wounds. Despite intensive treatment reveived, the wound became worse until he was advised to undergo another round of amputation. However, the wound completely healed after 2 weeks of daily comsumption of GAMOGEN.


Studies indicate the main benefits of consuming GAMOGEN:

  • Strengthens our immune system
  • Supports cardiovascular system
  • Enhances blood circulation and detoxification of our body
  • Reduces cancer risks
Enhancement of Body Defense System

Some diseases such as sytemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatioids arthritis, etc occured because of immunological disorder.

GAMOGEN helps to modulate uor body's immune system; increases synthesis of cytokine (NK cells). Cytokines are produced by our immune system to aid our body to fight infections. It helps our body to communicate and amplifies attack against infection such as virus, bacterial, cancer cells, rheumatoid arthritis and body degeneration.

Healing Effects on Wound and Post-Natal Mother

Our studies (Kwabara, Foong, and Yaacob, 2001)indicates this health supplement modulates the production of cytokine, in particular NK celss (Natural Killer Cells), a substance that regulates and stimulates the immune system to protect our body from infections and other immunological disorders.

Studies have shown the existence of high molecular weight gamapeptide complex in the water extract called gamodulin, which acts as a cell growth factor. Interestingly, the effects of this substance are particularly noted on injured cells, cells that are actively growing and deteriorating cells.

GAMOGEN are therefore suitable for pregnant mothers as it stimulates the growth of cells nerves and also it acts as a remedy during post-natal recovery by accelerating the healing of episiotomy wound.

At the age of 2 months, this boy suffered illness due to lungs, heart and blood vessel complication. After consuming GAMOGEN, the boy have fully recovered.



Effects on Body Metabolism

The intake of GAMOGEN will give rise to:

  • increase metabolic activity of our cells
  • reduce cholestrol and glucose levels
  • increase muscle endurance
  • fights fatigue and muscle cramp

This effects are partly due to significant increased in oxidative phosphorylation of biological cells, which in turn increases metabolic activity of cells and accelerates energy recovery..

Studies indicates prolong consumption of GAMOGEN reduces the risk of coronaryheart disease as:

  • reduces fat levels in the blood without affecting the metabolic activity of the skeletal muscle, reduces levels of cholestrol and LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein
  • enhancing blood level of HDL ( High Density Lipoprotein)
  • modulate glucose levels in the blood
Anti Ageing

Medical investigations proves gamat-based health supplement contains a growth factor that helps to stimulate normal growth, regenerates and accelerates the repair of aged and injured muscles, skin collagen, bone cartilage and nerve tissues to aid total rejuvenation in the body

This patient is suffering from skin disease that renders him totally disabled. His health condition reversed a few months later after the consumption of GAMOGEN (II) and (III)!



Evidence shows that it stimulates rejuvenation of liver cells and thus increases the level of blood protein few hours following consumption.

This increase in blood protein level provides our body with the natural resources required to produce new cells and helps our body to absorb nutrients taken orally.

In addition, these marine substance helps increase serotonin levels to brightens ones mood and rejuvenates internal organs such as kidney, liver and pancreas.

Besides that, it is useful in the prevention of heart problems including increased cholestrol and heart failure.

Gamat Reverses and Delay Ageing Process

Degenerative diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteporosis and other diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes and hypertenstion are associated with the ageing process that occurs in all of us.

When our biological clock starts clicking, genreally, at age 40 and above, apart from our skin showing signs of ageing, our immune system, ability of lungs to function, metabolic activities of the cells, and growth of nerves and bones and muscles will start to deteriorate.

Our findings indicate that gamodulin, which has been identified as a biostimulant, has the ability to stimulate cell growth particulary on injured and growing tissues apart from tissues and skin that needs replenisment.

Effects on Blood Vessels

The consumption of GAMOGEN is associated with its effects on blood vessels. The pictures show the marked vasolidilator as assessed on coronoray blood vessels following the consumption of GAMOGEN.

It may be concluded therefore that the oral cinsumption of either one of tehse health supplements is associated with increased blood cicuation on the bilogical system. This may explains the long term therapeutic effects on patients vitality and those suffering from high blood pressure and other disoreder associated with blood circulation.

Do YOU know?

Gamat has long been highly esteemed as a marine species with miraculous medicinal properties. Coastal villagers in Langkawi Island swear by gamat extract as a remedy for cut, wound, pain and inflammation. Even though gamat extract has high salt content, unsual taste and fishy odour, it is particularly favoured by ancient doctors and midwives for post-natal and post-surgical cares because of its rendered benefits.

Gamat Emas is rather a more interesting marine sea cucumber, which can rarely be seen in the open seabed. Although can be classified under holothurians , unlike most of the sea cucumber , this marine species is very rich in mucopolysaccharides and chondoritins and other soft tissues resembling soft cartilage, explaining for the facts that it melts when exposed to the sunlight. Our analysis also shows that it is rich in other natural nutrients such as protein, vitamins A and C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

The research on 'air gamat' - the name for the water extract derived from the golden sea cucumber of Malaysia took a long time to materialize. Locals have used this marine substance for about 500 years. In fact, Malays swear by the usage of air gamat as a remedy for cuts, peptic ulcers, chest pain, sores and inflammation .

After 10 years of research in University of Malaya and the Japanese Universities, we have now discovered the active substance and the mechanisms of its actions. Beside it's proven efficiency in enhancing the body's resistance towards various diseases, from common flu to more problematic conditions, including diabetes, cancer, it is also known that it contains a cell growth factor which has the ability to accelerate the regeneration of biological cells, bone, collagen and rejuvenates skin. We have now refined the extract and come up with new generations of scientifically prepared products based on this purified polypeptide substance.

:: GAMAT ::
Therapeutic Substance & Health Supplement
The Uniqueness of HEALIN

Intensive study carried out collaboratively by a group of Malaysian pharmacologists from University of Malaya and University of Nihon and Kyoto, Japan revealed that Gamat extract contains active substances with known mechanism of actions. Further studies conducted in Japan (Yaacob, Kwabara and Foong, 2001) have discovered its efficacy in enhancing the immune system of the body towards various diseases, accelerate regeneration of biological celles, bone, collagenand rejuvenates skin cells.

These findings coupled with identifiation of active components found in gamat extract have contributed to the research being awarded the First Prize National Scientific Award (MINDEX) organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Malaysia in 1994

Gamat was first introduced into the market in early 1997 as the first scientifically proven traditional product of Malaysia. We emphasize on health supplements based on purified Gamat extract and High Tech Skin Care System.

HEALIN ~ Health From the Wealth of the Sea

Founder of HEALIN

Prof. Dr. Hassan Yaacob founds Healwell Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd, a Researcher from University Malaya turned entrepreneur. He is a PhD holder in Clinical Pharmacology from Royal College of Surgeons of England, London and a famous Gamat Expert in Malaysia. He is an Executive Chairman/CEO of Healwell Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd. Prof. Dr. Hassan started his intensive scientific research and studies in Gamat at the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine,University Malaya in 1990. He was funded under IRPA (Intensive Research in Priority Area, Ministry of Science & Technology Malaysia) Program. His research on Gamat continued at University of Kyushu and University of Toyamma, Japan in 1995-1996. Through his research and development (R&D) in Gamat , Prof. Hassan was later awarded a Gold Medal for MINDEX (Malaysian Invention and Discovery) Award in 1994 and Hitachi Science Fellowship Research Award 1995, Japan. After more than 10 years of R&D, Prof.Hassan was able to commercialise the Gamat into Gamat based products under the brand name HEALIN.

"The Only Gamat-Based Product From Scientific Research That Have Been Awarded MINDEX-INNOVEX and Hitachi Science Fellowship Research Award 1995!"

Ehancement of Skin Complexion

Nothing even comes close to measuring up with GAMOGEN when it comes to skin beaty enhanement. It helps our body to produce natural collagen to delay and reduce fines lines and improve complexion noticeably.

Throughout 10 years of observation, no current expensive soluble collagen based cream or anti-oxidant skincare products available in the market can compare with GAMOGEN which truly rejuvenates our skin from within.

Numerous studies carried out after consumption of GAMOGEN habe provided evodence of this:

  • Stimulation effect on cells renewal of the epidermis, attributed by the formation of new vessels and greater oxygen consumption, provides better cellular respiration.
  • Greater suppleness caused by maintaining a satisfactory degree of moisture in our skin, better elasticity due to better quality of our supporting fibres.
  • Gamat oral preparation consumption and application go beyond our skin-deep layer, literally, to improve our overall complexion.

We recommended 2 tablespoons of GAMOGEN daily for 2 months, and let YOUR blood analysis prove its efficacy .




Injured Leg Cured

Puan Halimah has suffered from diabetes for several years and ail efforts and pains were taken to cure that disease but with no encouraging results. A lot of expenses were incurred to cure the discase. It happened when she accidentally kicked a sharp object in front of her house. Her left leg toe started to swell. She consulted several traditional doctors and tried various traditional medicine without success.

Unfortunately, her left leg continued to swell further making her movements difficult and restricted. She suffered immense pain when her toe wound worsened. To reduce the pain she took pain killers bought from a nearby shop where she stays. The painkillers were temporarily effective and she was in pain again. Due to the pain she was going through, she consulted a doctor in Selama, Perak, Malaysia. She was advised by the doctor to amputate her toe. However, Puan Halimah had no desire to lose her toe but rather leave it as it was then to be cripple.

Puan Halimah was approached by a HEALIN agent who recommended her Gamat Jelly. At first she had little faith in the product, as to what effect a juice could do to cure her legs. After much convincing from the agent, she decided to try the product. However, after a short period of consuming the GAMOGEN she noticed changes in her wounds. It dried up the pus on her wounds. It also reduced the swelling of the toe and other parts of her legs. Since then, she began to believe in the product and it is a must for her to consume the GAMOGEN. Smilingly, she said: "it is a must for me to consume GAMOGEN or my life is incomplete".

She also wishes to advice others all over the worldwho suffers the same fate to start using GAMOGEN immediately as it would be foolish not to try something new but rather lose part of their organs.

" like me, I did not believe in the product but after trying it I know of the effectiveness of the GAMOGEN. It is not because I am trying to promote the product but only trying to help others who suffer the same fate I did", said Puan Halimah.

Life was saved by Gamat Documentary

In 1995, a documentary on the effectiveness of " Gamat" at Langkawi Island and how it helped to heal various kind of diseases was aired on TV3. On the same day at 8.30 am another program called "Moving On" from the same TV station also focused on "Gamat", and how the research was conducted by Prof. Dr. Hassan Yaacob from the Medical Faculty of University Malaya.

"I am fascinated with the information and hope these products will be in the market soon. And in October 1998, I had the chance to meet a sales representative who came to my place at Bintulu, Sarawak to sell gamat-based product called, HEALIN . He explained to me the goodness and effectiveness of "gamat" in healing various chronic diseases such as diabetics. Coincidentally I had a friend who suffered from the disease and within three months he had to amputate his legs three times to stop the spreading disease at the Bintulu Hospital. And because of his worsening wounds he had to undergo another operation to amputate from his ankle point," quoted Mr. Huong Kai Chin who did not want to reveal the identity of his friend.

Because of the challenge that he had from the sales representative. Mr.Kai Chin invited him to his friend house. In the opinion of the sales representative after observing the wounds on the patient. It was not critical and still curable on condition that he should consume Gamat Jelly regularly.

"To prove that Gamat Jelly is able to cure my friend's illness, I took a photo of his wounds. Amazingly after ten days of consistant consumption of Gamat Jelly, his wounds was cured completely and sugar content in his blood stabilized. And today my friend is able to walk and work again." said Mr. Kei Chin.

After witnessing the wonders and effectiveness of Gamat Jelly, Mr Kai Chin recommended the product to another friend of his who was suffering from skin disease. He suffered from prolong itchiness from head to toe. After consuming Gamat Jelly the serious infection was gone and so did his wounds. Through my observation youth had faster chance of healing compared to the older generation" he quoted.

Through my experience, gamat is a gift from God to Dr. Hassan. He was the first scientist who revealed the wonders of "Gamat". He could be awarded the Noble Prize for his discovery if he is in Europe." praised Mr. Kai Chin of Dr. Hassan.

Nevertheless, to Mr. Kai Chin's concern, gamat will be extinct one day and it will be difficult to produce the products found in the market today. He hopes that the relevant ministry departments would assist Dr. Hassan Yaacob in his effort to maintain the "gamat" species from extinction.

"I understand that the Ministry of Science, technology and Environment has taken efforts to sponsor University of Malaya to conduct a through research on the "gamat".

"I am pleased to know that all efforts are taken to prevent the extinction of "gamat" I hope this species will continue to live in our country." Said Mr. Kai Chin.




GAMOGEN is all formula that works wonders in reversing your aging cells in your body.It has been clinically proven to increase your body's immune system, increase your blood circulation, promotes vitality natural , skin appearance and the general well being. This unique and complete formula helps maximize body's ability to rejuvenate (replacing and getting rid of old and toxic cells in your body and reproductive system). It contains Gamodulin,a polypeptide molecule that plays a vital role in rejuvenating body cells and promotes healing and vitality. Amazingly ideal supplement fortified with precise amount of chlorella, omega-3, beta-carotene, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, amino acids and energizing nutrients that effectively fight aging and cancer, relieve stress, boost immune system, increase your heart and lung performance and combat fatigue.

Dose / Direction

For adult ~ 1 or 2 tablespoons, twice a day
For child below 12 years ~ 1 or 2 teaspoons, twice a day

Advisable to take before breakfast and dinner

Only RM132.90

RM151.90 (Sabah & Sarawak)

(USD 37)

(without shipping cost)


Gamat Ekstract (Gamodulin)

  • recognized for its high nutrional value and clear of cholestrol.
  • contains active substance complex gamodulin which helps to stimulate skin cell metabolism.
  • accelerates the recovery of external and internal wound on our body efficiently.
  • rich in more than 50 types of nutrient such as protein, fat, glucose, vitamin B1, B2, nicotinic acid, calcium, fosfat, ferum, iodine, vanadium, zinc, kalium, chromium, benzoic acid, kondroitin sulfat and mucopolysaccharide.
  • building cells and repairing tissue
  • strengthen our body immune system.

Omega-3 dan Omega-6

  • Scientifik research showed Eskimo women who have a high concentration of omega-3 in their diet have a lower incidence of breast cancer!
  • Omega-3 will convert by our body into hormone-like substances called prostaglandins that stimulate our immune system.
  • Omega-3 will block the effect of estrogen on breast cells, thus lowering the risk of them becoming cancerous.
  • Omega-6 is generally necessary for stimulating skin and hair growth.
  • Regulating metabolism, promoting the transport of fatty acids from the liver to the tissues and maintaining reproductive performance.
  • Helps to maintain or increase bone mass, most importantly perevent osteoporosis
  • Possess anti-inflammation effect and prevent blood vessels from clogged, indirectly reduce the risk of developing heart disease
  • In children, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids are crucial for proper growth and development
  • These fatty acids are the precursors for DHA and AA which stimulate children growth and crucial for their brain development.


  • precursor of Vitamin A, which is needed for normal growth, development, reproduction and immune system.
  • this vitamin is vital to eye and retina function, protects the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, throat and lungs from damage and reduce risk of infection.
  • ascts as an antioxidant and a potent scavenger of free radicals, which if not remove from the body cell can cause serious damage leading to certain chronic diseases including certain cancer and eyesight degenaration.
  • low beta-carotena levels are correlated with increased incidence of several cancers, most notably those of he lung, esophagus, mouth, stomach, prostate and cervix.
  • has a role to play in staving off heart disease, apparently a function of its ability to keep harmful LDL cholestrol from damaging the heart and coronary arteries .


  • Belongs to the eukaryotic cell category of algae and lives in fresh water as a single cell plant
  • Contains 8 of the amino acids which are the constituents of protein and has large quantities of vitamin C, A, B1, B2, B6, B12, niasin, asid pantotenik, fosforus, potassium, magnesium, manganese dan copper.
  • It has the unsually high content of chlorophyll.
  • Proven useful as a blood builder which improves red blood cell count and corrects anemia. Helps to promote cell reproduction and reduce cholestrol
  • Known as the most powerful cleansing agent found in nature, due to its chlorophyll which helps to detoxify the bowels, liver, kidney and bloodstream.
  • Normalizes the beneficial bowel flora, stimulates tissue regenaration and speeds the healing of wounds and burns. .
  • It also assists in digestion, controls calcium in the body and increases iron absorption.
Vitamin E
  • Alfa-tocopherol is the most active form of vitamin E in human bodies.
  • It is a powerful biological antioxidant .
  • Protects body cells against the effects of free radicals.
  • Excessive free radicals can damage cells and may contribute to the develompnet of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  • Uniquely suited to intercepting free radicals and preventing a chain reaction of lipid destruction .
  • Protects the fats in low density lipoproteins (LDLs) from oxidation. Oxidized LDLs have been implicated in the development of the cardiovascular diseases.
Take GAMOGEN as your daily routine..

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